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New blog

Dear all,

After being booted from blip.tv because the podcast no longer fits with their business model, I have moved the podcast to a new blog. You can find me at travelingsockknitter.net

In a few days, blip will remove all of my videos, so all of the links on this blog will be gone. It’s going to take me awhile to get those videos back on the intertubes, but I have back ups and should be able to get everything up eventually.

I’m still podcasting. I’m going to have to figure out a permanent solution, but for now I have a temporary one. I haven’t yet submitted the feed to iTunes, but hopefully they will play well together.

Come over to my new blog and subscribe!

Thanks, Hannah


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Sunday, Sept 29. Episode 55: Babies Need Hats
Today’s segments include: drafting, fully drafted, a purloined thumbs up/thumbs down, lit review, and noteworthy. Let’s knit together!
Hobbledehoy BFL silk on Highland Handmades spindle for the Yarnraising podcast new to you spinalong.
Vanilla socks in Fibernymph dye works colorway Tardis on size 1/2.25mm signature needles. 72 stitches, top down with a sweet tomato heel.
Fully Drafted
Tubey by Wooly Wormhead in Socks that Rock Mediumweight, colorway Koi Koi
Star of the Day by Susan Lawrence in Socks that Rock Mediumweight colorway Koi Koi on size 5 needles.

Thumbs Up

Ply Magazine
Wedding Quilt
Thumbs Down
ios 7
Lit Review: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer
This book was the book club selection for September. It was suggested and put on the list by one of the book club members who had seen the movie and wanted to read the book, hoping there was more of the story line involving Oskar Schell, but it did not. I had seen the movie prior to reading the book, but there were enough differences between the 2 that I don’t regret seeing the movie first. If anything, it helped me make sense of the book a little more easily.
That being said, this is a difficult book to make sense of. The main reason for this is the multiple story lines, and the fact that one story line makes more sense than the others, at least until later on in the book. The premise of the book is that Oskar Schell’s father who died in 9/11 left clues to a treasure hunt for his son to follow, and Oskar, a socially awkward (possibly on the spectrum) boy, follows the clues around New York City, searching for someone with the last name “Black” who may know about a key Oskar discovered in his father’s belongings.
As Oskar visits with various Blacks around the city, he gets to know people who get to try to help Oskar with his search, and as the movie plays up, this brings people together over the tragedies of 9/11. I find this particularly an interesting book to be reading at the backdrop of Juniata’s summer reading for this summer The Warriors by J Glenn Gray. Like Gray, Foer is trying to make sense of the traumas that come from “battle” or destruction in this case. Foer brings WWII and the destruction of that war into how he tries to make sense of 9/11. I can’t help but do that too as Gray is also talking about WWII. He talks about how the enemy is like us, people, and the cost of war is more than lives, but about how to deal with the taking of innocent lives. 9/11 is the closest we have to war being fought on our soil since the Civil War. It’s a part of the American psyche that we really need to think more seriously about, especially as we keep getting involved in wars all over the world. Without an end goal in mind in these wars, what is the taking of innocent life about? How is it affecting our soldiers, but also those who don’t go to battle? We shouldn’t forget about this. This book reminded me of this over and over.
I also loved the visual writing in this book. As a writing teacher, I love the idea of making meaning not just through the content of the text but through the design of the text as well. Foer uses photographs, he uses handwriting, he uses line breaks, and he uses font in many ways to convey what Oskar was seeing, or what the other characters in the book were feeling. Although I listened to the book on audio, when I spent some time with the hard copy, I could see the way Foer used these visual texts to add to the different characters in the book. Those who read the book on the kindle also noted that they appreciated looking at the pages of the hard copy even more to feel the impact of this method of writing.
I commented in book club that I rated this book 4 stars especially because it is not a terribly weapy exploration of 9/11. Perhaps it is because of my Jewish heritage that I feel learning about tragic events like the Holocaust and like 9/11 has been very important to me. There is the idea of “Never Forget” so that we don’t repeat these mistakes. I think 9/11, although horrifying, took America to a place that many people in the world who live with war are on a daily basis. It’s horrifying that anyone must experience that. However, I like to think that like Oskar, we can come to terms with these tragedies, and that these tragedies aren’t in vain. We who are still here can learn about them and fight hard to ensure that they stop being repeated for people, all humans, all over the world.

September personal yarn club prize is a bag and stitch markers donated by Absolute Wonder

October personal yarn club prize is announced

Wherever you travel, bring your knitting along, and engage your creative process!

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Sunday, Sept 22. Episode 54: Whole Nota Lota Knitting

Today’s segments include: drafting, five favorite things, and noteworthy. Let’s knit together!


Hobbledehoy BFL silk on Highland Handmades spindle for the Yarnraising podcast new to you spinalong.

Tubey by Wooly Wormhead in Socks that Rock Mediumweight, and I’ve lost the ball band. I think it is Koi Pond. 

Vanilla socks in Fibernymph dye works colorway Tardis on size 1/2.25mm signature needles. 72 stitches, top down with a sweet tomato heel.

Five Favorite Things
1. Lollipop yarn
2. Lazy Kate for spindle from Knitter’s Dream
3. Mountain Day
4. Call the Midwife Season 2 on Netflix
5. Game Day at Schlow library in State College


September personal sock yarn club prize is a bag and stitch markers donated by Absolute Wonder

Wherever you travel, bring your knitting along, and engage your creative process!

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  Friday, Aug 30. Episode 52: Almost Finished Finished

Today’s segments include: drafting, fully drafted, brainstorming and noteworthy. Let’s knit together!


Unwind Polwarth in the Laura Loves Unwind Colorway on my Spanish Peacock drop spindle.

Fully Drafted

Vanilla socks top down with a heel flap and gusset. In Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien colorway Nashville Nights on a size 1/2.25mm signature circular.

Ruislip hat by Wooly Wormhead in my handspun! Corriedale Children of Time, about 200 yards of DK weight.

Goodale Cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald in Sanguine Gryphon Bugga colorway Northern Purple Gold Beetle. It’s a top down cardigan. I am really enjoying knitting it so far! This is my Nerd Wars dissertation, which I am submitting for Encyclopedia, O is for Origami, since you fold the fabric over to make the pockets on the Cardigan. I finished the body and now I just need to work on the sleeves and the finishing.Hexipuffs


Vanilla socks in Fiberynmph Dye Works colorway Tardis. For my colleague Carol who I’ve been meaning to make a pair of socks for for awhile now.

Electra by PaulinaP designs, using Bugga in the colorways Red Spider Mite and Twice Stabbed Lady Beetle

Hobbledehoy BFL silk on Highland Handmades spindle for the Yarnraising podcast spinalong.


August personal sock yarn club prize donated by knittingmommee

Wherever you travel, bring your knitting along, and engage your creative process!

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Wednesday, June 19. Episode 45: All About the Gaming

Today’s segments include: noteworthy, drafting, fully drafted, mortarboard moment, and Origins game fair top ten. Let’s knit together!


June personal sock yarn club prize

Podiversary Giveaway #2 Question: What are your five favorite things? Make your list, it can be yarn, books, games or anything you’d like to make a list of! Podiversary Giveaway #3: Really excited about this one! I will make the winner a pair of plain vanilla socks out of self-striping yarn from my stash! Question to answer: what are your favorite colors for self-striping yarn?

Events: SSK is right around the corner!


Socks on a Plane by Laura Linneman. For the last SSK KAL. SSK is right around the corner, 6 weeks away! For Nerd Wars Nerdology category, where we are crafting something inspired by a form of transportation that does not use fossil fuels. I am inspired by walking! I walk to work and all kinds of other places I go.

Into the Whirled Correidale in the Colorway Children of Time

Fully Drafted

For the personal sock yarn club KAL: 

Vanilla socks in Ladybug Fiber Company Self-striping colorway Purple Anemone on size 1/2.25mm signature needles. All of this traveling and all I have finished is a pair of vanilla socks! They’re cute at least.

Mortarboard Moment: Gaming/Not Your Mama’s Gamer Podcast

Press X to Teach Workshop: lots of readings, assignments, and games to play

Not Your Mama’s Gamer podcast: A podcast about gaming from a feminist perspective. They won an award! I’m also really enjoying listening to the podcast. Samantha Blackmon is also a knitter. They discuss games they’re playing, books they’re reading about games, and their issue of the week segment: men doing feminism. I love this. I don’t play as many video games as board games, but I am still in the minority at conventions as a woman. Why are there less women playing games than men playing games? Why are there less men knitting than women knitting? 

I have already starting to teach board games in my Intro to Professional Writing class as I have a unit where students play board games by reading the rules and then rewrite the rules for their assignment. In my Interactive Media class, I taught an Alternate Reality Game for the first time, where students design a game for someone else to play. I play some video games, but only occasionally. Since I have less of a board gaming community now I am playing more video games.

Things I’m thinking about after this conference:
1. Incorporating an analysis of video game visuals in my visual literacy class next spring
2. Assigning students to play a game and analyze it as part of my Interactive Media course
3. Assigning students to play a game and analyze it as part of first year composition: off the rails!
4. Having a game club group like having a book club group! All playing the same game and then getting together and discussing it.
5. Reading more about gaming

Origins Top Ten
1. Bora Bora
2. Eminent Domain
3. Shipyard
4. Ginkopolis
5. Knitting meetup
6. Credit Mobilier
7. Telestrations
8. Tzolk’in
9. Baltimore and Ohio
10. Via Appia

Wherever you travel, bring your knitting along, and engage your creative process!

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Friday, March 15, 2013. Episode 34: Feeling all well rested

Today’s segments include: noteworthy, drafting, fully drafted, and iPad musings. Let’s knit together!


March personal sock yarn club prize

Events! I’ll be at Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet tomorrow, Stitch your art out retreat April 5-7, Spring Fling April 18-21, and Maryland Sheep and Wool May 4th!


Pretty Thing by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee knit on size 4/3.5mm signature circular needle in Tempted Prissy Grll colorway . Yarn held double.

Vanilla socks in Vesper Intergalactic, on size 1/2.25mm signature needles

Fully Drafted

Heartbreakingly Cute Pilot Cap by Cristina Bernardi Shiffman knit in Highland Handmades Sugar Maple sock colorway Prism on size 3 signature circular. for Gail Zucker SSK KAL.

Pinus Silvestris socks by Hunter Hammersen, knit on addi lace turbo (not sure what size)

Riding on the Metro Socks by Wendy Johnson, knit in Plucky knitter MCN fingering colorway Burgundy Bets, on size 1/2.25mm signature needles.

HexipuffsiPad musings

This brings me to my iPad musings today with a focus on Knit Companion. Knit Companion is an app I purchased for about $15. It converts pdfs into patterns that are very usable on the iPad. I attended a Webinar showing set up for Pretty Thing KAL that is happening now in the Knit Companion group. Unfortunately that pattern is a paid pattern so I can’t show you with that, but I will show you the set up for a free pattern, Haruni, and then explain a few things that I didn’t know about Knit Companion that I learned through the Webinar.

1. If you touch the button that looks like adobe, you can see the full pdf
2. You can test if you cropped your chart correctly by using the single stitch feature under markers
3. In the settings, you can set the even and odd rows to black, and then the row you are currently working will be white. Visually this is easier to see than highlighting the current row in a color
4. You can add notes and audio to certain rows directly in the chart. This will remind you of when you need to do something different in a row.
5. You can add stitch markers and lifelines to the chart so you know where they are in your knitting.

#3 & #4 are really useful things that I didn’t know before! I’m glad there was the free webinar for me to learn more of the features of Knit Companion. It is a very handy app.

There will be another webinar in a few weeks to convert the Pretty Thing Cowl into a pattern for fingerless mitts. I’m pretty excited to learn even more things about Knit Companion.

Wherever you travel, bring your knitting along, and engage your creative process!

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Saturday, February 2, 2013. Episode 30: The February Pendulum Swings

Today’s segments include: citations, noteworthy, drafting, fully drafted, brainstorming, lit review, and five favorite things. Let’s knit together!


The birthday wishes continue!

Thank you to Andigal for gifting me the pattern Different Lines by Veera Valimaki!


January personal sock yarn club

January finish it up KAL


Pendulum Shawl in Sundara sock yarn colorways Graphite and Grapevine on size 7 signature circulars. This is a simple, beautiful short row striped shawl. I could see myself making several of these in my Sundara sock because I have a whole lot of it.

Spellbound Vanilla socks out of Twisted Limone colorway Spellbound on size 1/2.25mm signature circulars. I discovered while wearing my birthday socks that I need a 2 inch rather than a 1 inch cuff.

Fully Drafted

Windy Knitty Vanillas using Cat Bohrdi’s sweet tomato heel, out of Fleur de fiber colorway Windy Knitty on size 1/2.25mm signature circulars.

Nerd Wars Tournament 7 has started! I am on team cancelled this time, for TV shows cancelled in 3 seasons or less. Nerd Wars has changed a little bit. There are only 5 challenges per month instead of 6, and one of them each tournament will allow me to submit WIPs. This is absolutely so great! I am really excited.Bristol Hat by Amy Christoffers in Unwind Yarn Company Luxe Sock, 80/10/10 MCN, colorway Midsummer Night’s Dream. This hat makes a v-shape, so I’m going to find some way to tie into simple machines for the discovery challenge.

Riding on the Metro socks by Wendy Johnson in Plucky Knitter MCN fingering colorway Burgundy Bets. This yarn is burgundy, so I’m going to find a way to tie it into the mulled wine that characters drink on Game of Thrones for the nerdology challenge.

Finally, my dissertation! I keep biting off more than I can chew for it. This time around, I’m going to knit 2 pairs of complicated socks because mid-semester that’s about all I can handle. I’m going to knit Daphne and Velma by Cookie A and try to tie strong, sexy, and feminine into nerdology.

Lit Review: In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson

After finishing this book, I immediately rated it 5 stars on goodreads. The entire time I was reading/listening I was totally hooked. Larson tells the dark story of Hitler’s rise to power through the perspective of Dodd, the US ambassador to Germany in 1933, and his daughter Martha. His storytelling style is compelling, as even the most mundane of activities during this period have so much significance because of what happened afterwards.

I liked this book because even though I’ve read a lot about the Holocaust and visited several Holocaust museums, there were things I learned in this book that I didn’t know. I’ve heard the story told from the perspective of Holocaust survivors many times, but I didn’t know what it was like for the non-Jews living in Berlin. Despite recession and debt after WWI, the Germans were living it up, partying all the time, drinking and eating in excess. I also didn’t know how pervasive anti-semitism was at the time, not just in Germany, but in the U.S. as well. Dodd was sympathetic towards the Germans because of the “Jewish problem” as he calls it. Finally, I didn’t know how the culture of fear worked in Germany, and how Hitler just wiped out his opposition, which is how he was able to come to power. Over 800 people were killed in the Great Purge, even though only approximately 100 were reported to be killed. 800 people in one week is a sure way to rise to power.

My book club has mixed feelings on this book. Several of us rated it 4 or above, and several of us rather it at 2 (out of 5 stars). The 2s thought the book was boring and found the characters unlikeable. I really liked the book for the same reasons though, the plot was mundane, but I was fascinated by that in a time where all events were anything but mundane. And the characters weren’t exceptional, but again I liked that. I’ve read many books about exceptional people during this time period, and wondered how ordinary people could let something like the Holocaust happen. This book does a great job of explaining how it could happen.

If you like non-fiction and are interested in World War I or II or fascism in general, I definitely recommend this book. It’s a pretty fast read and it captivated my attention the whole way through.

Five Favorite Things

1. Jane Eyre yarn
2. Jane Eyre pattern
3. Jane Eyre bag
4. Tempted yarn
5. Downton Abbey

Wherever you travel, bring your knitting along, and engage your creative process!

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