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Friday, Aug 23. Episode 51: Gen Con 2013

Today’s segments include: drafting, Gen Con 2013 top ten, and noteworthy. Let’s knit together!


Vanilla socks top down with a heel flap and gusset. In Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien colorway Nashville Nights on a size 1/2.25mm signature circular.

Ruislip hat by Wooly Wormhead in my handspun! Corriedale Children of Time, about 200 yards of DK weight.

Goodale Cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald in Sanguine Gryphon Bugga colorway Northern Purple Gold Beetle. It’s a top down cardigan. I am really enjoying knitting it so far! This is my Nerd Wars dissertation, which I am submitting for Encyclopedia, O is for Origami, since you fold the fabric over to make the pockets on the Cardigan. I finished the body and now I just need to work on the sleeves and the finishing.

Gen Con Top Ten
1. Playing iPad games on the van ride, especially Spaceteam
2. Trains
3. Legends of Andor
4. Augustus and Asmodee games
5. Freedom: the Underground Railroad
6. Nerd Wars meetup
7. Mice and Mystics
8. True Dungeon
9. Bruges
10. Meeting and gaming with JoAnnaSpring and Bill 


August personal sock yarn club prize donated by knittingmommee

Wherever you travel, bring your knitting along, and engage your creative process!


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Saturday, January 26, 2013. Episode 29: The Universe’s Conspirings

Today’s segments include: citations, noteworthy, drafting, fully drafted, and a purloined thumbs up, thumbs down segment from the 2knitlitchicks. Let’s knit together!
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!
Thanks to JoAnnaSpring for gifting me the Girl from Nantucket Hat by Laura Linneman.
Thanks to NerdGirl for gifting me the Bristol Hat by Amy Christoffers
January personal sock yarn club
January finish it up KAL
Pendulum Shawl in Sundara sock yarn colorways Graphite and Grapevine on size 7 signature circulars. This is a simple, beautiful short row striped shawl. I could see myself making several of these in my Sundara sock because I have a whole lot of it.
Windy Knitty Vanillas using Cat Bohrdi’s sweet tomato heel, out of Fleur de fiber colorway Windy Knitty on size 1/2.25mm signature circulars.
Fully Drafted
Dahlia Shawl in Dream in Color Baby colorway Bermuda Teal. I am on the last row, but I am almost out of yarn. I got half way through the last row and ran out of yarn. I decided it didn’t matter and that nobody could tell unless I told them. I also realized a nice thing about crochet is that you don’t have to bind off. I think I will crochet another shawl sometime soon.
Tubey by Woolly Wormhead from the Wee Woolly Topper book.
Thumbs down: Universe conspiring’s against my birthday!
Conspiring 1: At 12:30 I was awakened by my distressed husband. He was startled by a mouse that Lilith was chasing, and jumped up suddenly, cutting his leg open on the radiator. I was dead asleep. I asked him what he wanted me to do, and he said he needed to go to the emergency room, but first he wanted me to catch the mouse. That seemed a bit backwards to me, but I was too tired to argue. Fortunately, Lilith chased the mouse right into the live trap we had set up in the bathroom. Then it was off to the emergency room. It was my first time to the one in Huntingdon. It didn’t take the doctor too long to come see Darren, and he was patched up in about 2 hours. The cut wasn’t too deep fortunately. I asked Darren to take a sick day because he hadn’t really slept the night before and he has an hour commute. Back to bed at 3AM.
Conspiring 2: At 2:00PM I had plans to have lunch with a couple of friends from the College. Darren took the mouse to the field to let it go at about 1:30. At 1:50 after I got out of the shower, Darren called to say after he parked at the field to let the mouse go, his car wouldn’t start. He called AAA, but it was really cold and the middle of a snow storm, and they predicted it would take an hour and a half to get someone out there. That was too long to wait in the cold, so I cancelled my lunch and drove over to keep me company until AAA arrived. By the time I got there, AAA had come and jump started the car. I cancelled my lunch and drove out in the snow storm for nothing. Back to the house to comfort myself with soup and knitting.
Thumbs up: Ways the Universe couldn’t win for my birthday
Social media birthday wishes
Talking to my mom in the morning
Paypal gift certificates to pay for my Spring Fling retreat
Text messages from my family
Downton Abbey
Project Runway
Cocktails before dinner
A delicious dinner at Mimi’s
Birthday cake
Talking to my sister in the evening
Cuddling with my husband
Falling asleep to Arrested Development
Board games and Lego Lord of the Rings laid out on the table for my birthday
Wherever you travel, bring your knitting along, and engage your creative process!

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