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  Friday, Aug 9. Episode 50: 50, Really!

Today’s segments include: drafting, fully drafted, lit review, five favorite things, and noteworthy. Let’s knit together!


Vanilla socks top down with a heel flap and gusset. In Desert Vista Dyeworks Zien colorway Nashville Nights on a size 1/2.25mm signature circular.

Unwind Polwarth in the Laura Loves Unwind Colorway on my Spanish Peacock drop spindle.

Fully Drafted

Vanilla socks in Vesper colorway April Showers Brings May Flowers. These are for Kim Obsidian78 who won podiversary giveaway #3. Even though I’m knitting on a size 0/2.0mm Hiya Hiya sharp needle, these are almost finished. I love the color combination.

Five Favorite Things

1. Tempted club
2. Absolute Wonder spindle bag
3. Fibernymph Nyan Cat yarn
4. Spin Art by Jacey Boggs
5. Start Spinning by Maggie Casey

Lit Review: Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

I read this book on recommendation from the 2 Knit Lit Chicks podcast, though I am pretty far behind for their readalong. I really enjoyed listening to the book. I was hooked pretty much from the beginning. Most of the book I listened to in Hawaii.

The story follows a lot of interesting characters as their lives interweave. The plot is not told chronologically and flashes back to when some of the main characters were young and in Italy during the filming of Cleopatra. There is an actress, an Italian hotel owner in a remote location, an American writer who stays in his hotel, and in the present, a musician, a disillusioned film producer’s assistant, and a hopeful screenwriter. The characters each have hopes for their lives, and each are burned by the film industry and befuddled by circumstances. Many of them rise above the cards they’re dealt to overcome adversity in their lives.

An interesting story, an interesting look at the film industry and how it’s constructed, and compelling characters make this book worth the read and 4 stars on goodreads. If I could give it half points, I’d probably give it 3.5 stars.


August personal sock yarn club prize donated by knittingmommee

I’ll be at GenCon next week. Meeting up with JoAnnaSpring!

Wherever you travel, bring your knitting along, and engage your creative process!


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